It is famous among the flowers.
Roses have many varieties, it blooms so beautifully.
But cultivation is difficult.
Roses have a painful thorn to the touch.
Canola flower is cruciferous plants that bloom in spring.
We can take oil from the seeds.
It is possible to eat a portion of the flowers and stems.
Canola flowerblooming in around here is masterpiece.
"Think of me"
Pansy has a rich color.
Varieties are also many.
Therefore, It is difficult to find the same thing.
Viola similar to pansies often refers to a small pansy.

"True love"
Smallish dainty flower.
The origin of the name of forget-me-not is involved is sad legend of Germany.
Language of flowers is legend derived from.
Asteraceae flower.
It has a lot of common point in the same Asteraceae flowers.
Many seen of white flowers.
Marguerite is popular, it is a little hard to grow.
Tulips can be seen well in roadside.
The name come out to nursery rhymes.
Tulip has famous red, white, yellow and other many colors.
Small and cute Asteraceae flower.
Daisy is open in morning, and to close at night.
Italy's national flower.
Kind of color is lesser.
Everywhere blooming flower.
Dandelion has a jagged petals,
Name in Dandelion has "Lion" because it was seen in the tusks of Lion.
It leaves and stems are used in coffee or tea.
Synonymous with summer.
It blooms bright flower of large-flowered.
Sunflower it stands out well from a distance.
Species become oil, or become food for hamsters.
Lavender is herbs.
Lavender has very nice scent.
In Japan,it is mainly grown in Hokkaido.
Representative flower of rainy season.
It has a feature that changes color depending on the quality of the soil.
In addition, color changes in aging.
Very showy flowers with bright colors.
Big flower is very gorgeous.
It is similar to the tree peony.
Scarlet sage can be seen well in the summer of flower beds.
It has a vivid color, and it is very bright.
It has a distinctive silhouette.
Autumn of seven herbs.
But it also blooms in summer.
Petals are torn finely.
Dianthus is often compared to women.
Fall of representative flower.
Soft and pretty flowers.
Famous pink cosmos.
It was named from the Greek "kosmos".
Gentian is wildflower in the mountains.
Deep blue flower shine in autumn.
And it is used as a medicinal herb.
Gentian flowers it would be closed at night.
Osmanthus put a pretty orange flowers. It emits a very good smell. Small lot of flowers are lovely.
"Youthful gladness"
Crocus is bulbous plants.
Flowers flowering tell early spring.
Crocus is strong in the cold.
Snowdrops bloom from the end of winter.
It closes the flowers at night.
In Germany there is a tradition of snow and snowdrop.
It has a distinctive shape.
Camellia is represent flower in Japan.
It has been popular since ancient times.
The contrast is very beautiful flower.
Winter of bulbous plants.
Narcissus will bloom at a constant cold.
It has a poison.
The origin of the name was taken from the Greek mythology.
Chrysanthemum mainly bloom in autumn.
However, some of which bloom in winter.
Chrysanthemum is used in Japan motif.
It is also used as floral tribute.
Small cute succulent.
It blooms a lot of vivid lovely flower.
It bloom from autumn to winter.
Spider flower is eye-catching in the bright large flower.
It is a tropical born, but there is no problem a bit too cold.
"Spiritual beauty"
Cherry blossom is a typical flower of spring.
It is a classic cherry blossom viewing.
It is a familiar flower for the Japanese.
Spring flowers bloom by the roadside.
It is possible to eat but some have toxic.
It is a beautiful wild grass of deep purple.