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Characteristics of culture

  • 1 Japanese society give priority to the group.
  • 2 Japanese society emphasizes low ratings on the senior was more than capable.
  • Junior and senior in the same industry was split into several levels.

  • 3 Japan is working with perseverance and effort.
  • 4 Japan is the honesty and loyalty.
  • 5. Japan have discipline.
  • 6 Japan with have a focus on Education.
  • 7 Japan have division of roles of men and women.

  • 1 Thailand is a highly respected cultural kinship.
  • 2 Thailand is a culture that believes in the merit of charity in various festivals.
  • 3 Thailand is a farming culture.
  • 4 Thailand is a cultural ritual pattern. There are various procedures in the ceremony.
  • 5 Thailand is a fun, popular culture. Skits to show the greatness of the work.
  • 6 Thailand is a cultural blend of the cultures of others. He combines with other.